AutoSub Get subtitles for your movie files automatically

Powered by OpenSubtitles.org


AutoSub doesn't need any attention... unless you want to.
Just tell AutoSub which folders you want it to watch and forget about it. Every time you add video files to that folders it will search the proper subtitle file on the Internet and download it in the same folder with the same filename so your video player will use it out of the box.
Just add more video files to any watched folder and AutoSub will do its magic without any interaction.
Powered by OpenSubtitles.org, the biggest subtitle database

  • Add as many folders as you want. AutoSub will notice any video file to add its subtitles
  • Automatically searchs for proper subtitle file on the internet based on video hash. File name is irrelevant

  • If you want to find the subtitles for a file located in any other folder just use the Services menu option by clicking right mouse button over the file


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