Commute Quick context switching


Commute sits in your menu bar and allows you to change your Mac environment in a flash.
Either if you are working in a brand new project or just want to close all your office work and start a new videogame session, just open and close apps or documents with a click or shortcut and you're done.
Once you try it, you'll use it forever

  • macOS 11.0 Big Sur compatible
  • Feel completely safe. Commute is an app notarized by Apple.
  • Create as many profiles as you need
  • Drag apps or documents directly from Finder
  • Drag web URLs from your browser address bar
  • Define a global shortcut to open profiles list
  • Launch profiles with a click or pressing 1..9 while list is onscreen
  • Launch apps in full screen or hidden ***
  • *** This feature may not work with some items since it depends on app characteristics

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    FIXED: Crash on start due to missing library.


    NEW: macOS 11.0 Big Sur adjustments.
    NEW: New version availability checking.
    FIXED: '9' key preset shortcut.


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