Your Movie Collection Cooler Than Ever.

Designed To Be Simple

MovieIcon is a simple application with a simple task: to beautify your video collection.

Just drag a file or folder to MovieIcon and the app immediately will extract the video files, search for Movies or TV Shows matches and retrieve all available covers for you. MovieIcon uses the file name for searching so you don't need to deal with any metadata in your video files.

Your choice

You can select the right movie if the search returns several matches. Then browse through all images found for a movie to choose the one you want.

Taking control

No luck with your search? You can always type the exact terms to search until you get the desired movie, choose among 42 generic covers included or add your own image just by dropping it in.

One click... or less

You can apply the cover to the current video file, folder or the whole batch of dragged files. You can even let MovieIcon apply images automatically without any intervention

What's cool

Some Features

MovieIcon will look for TV Shows in addition to Movie titles.

You will be able to embed the cover in Apple compatible format so it will be shown in iTunes, Apple TV or any iOS device.

Drag files to the application itself, to the icon, choose to open them with MovieIcon from Finder, from the Services menu or even from other apps like HandBrake.

Some Screenshots

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